Neltec is based in a very quiet place in Denmark, a perfect environment to allow our team of dedicated engineers to focus on improving the instrument by incorporating advanced technology to meet (or exceed) our clients´ increasingly sophisticated requirements. The team includes consultants with many years of experience in sugar technology, who are ideally placed for developing, together with the customer, the more appropriate solutions for every application. Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Bjarne Christian
Managing Director SkillsPhysicist, Colour Measurement specialist Languages English, German, Danish
Tim Diringer Vice President Sales and Consultant SkillsSugar technologist, Process Optimization Languages German, English, Spanish
Bent Jensen Production and Installations SkillsElectrical Engineering, Colour Measurement and Electronics specialist Languages English, German, Danish
Francisco Freitas Software Development SkillsElectrical Engineering, Colour Measurement specialist Languages Portuguese, English, Danish, Spanish
Heinke Thomsen Sales Support SkillsExports, sales, marketing, administration Languages English, German, French, Spanish, Danish
Ekaterina Richter Sales assistance in Russia SkillsCustomers relations Languages Russian, German, English
José Alvarez Sales assistant for Mexico and Cuba SkillsSugar technologist with more than 50 years of experience in leading positions in the Cuban sugar industry Languages Spanish
STEPHEN KING Technical consultant for Australia SkillsSugar technologist with more than 25 years of experience in production and operational roles in the Australian raw sugar milling and refining industry Languages English