S.I.T. 2019, Durban, South Africa – Post-Conference Tour


May 2019


We thank the S.I.T. team for a good conference and an exciting post-conference tour. The tour was arranged by Turners Conferences and Paul Schorn from Tongaat Hulett; the game drive and the picnic lunch were sponsored by Neltec.


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ICUMSA approves General Guidelines for validating indirect measurement techniques


June 2016


At its 2016 session in Warsaw, Poland, ICUMSA approved a set of “General Guidelines for Validating Indirect Measurement Techniques”. The indirect measurement techniques are alternative techniques for measuring sugar properties, which aim to give similar results to the laboratory ICUMSA methods in the ICUMSA Methods Book. See more.

By application of these Guidelines the users of Neltec ColourQ 2100 instruments will now have the possibility of testing the validity of the measurements from their instruments. Please contact Neltec for details and assistance.


Neltec introduces instruments to follow colour changes inside batch and continuous centrifugals


May 2016

At conferences in Poland and the USA Neltec introduced instruments to measure inside centrifugals.  

Continuous centrifugals

The new ColourQ 1700 CC measures the crystals rolling up the screen to see if they have been cleaned sufficiently and if “fingers” carry mother liquor with the crystals. The real-time monitoring of the crystal cleaning and the “fingers” give hitherto unknown possibilities for controlling the performance of the centrifugal. Factories using the instrument report about better separation on the screen with lower molasses purity or higher purity of the crystals. See more. 

Batch centrifugals

In batch centrifugals the ColourQ 1700 BC monitors the purging. If the purging is very slow, the instrument can delay the water spraying and give alarm to stop the basket if a layer of liquid inside the wall of sugar poses an imminent risk to induce vibrations. See more.  


New massecuite detector from Neltec

January 2016  

Many sugar factories have experienced massecuite escaping the centrifugal without proper centrifugation. When this happens the conveying system gets contaminated, the dryer may get choked, or sugar out of specification may end in the silo.

To avoid such problems, Neltec has developed a new instrument to mount over any type of conveyor after the centrifugals. The instrument will detect any significant colour rise, tell how serious the deviation is, and give signals accordingly. In this way the sugar can be switched in other directions or the conveyor can be stopped. See more.