Improve performance of the A-centrifugal station - ColourQ 2100

Get better separation - Reduce the spray water
Keep the sugar colour within specifications


The ColourQ 2100 is a robust instrument that can be installed on any conveyor. 

ColourQ 2100 installed on a vibrating conveyor.   Enclosed installation of ColourQ 2100
on a screw conveyor.

The ColourQ 2100 is a unique tool for managing the centrifugal station.
It tells you in real-time about the separation performance.

The screen tells you the sugar colour of each discharge as indicated by the arrows above.
A centrifugal with a deviating performance is easy to spot. 


You can follow the sugar colour second-by-second as the sugar is discharged.

This unique ColourQ 2100 feature pinpoints clogged nozzles, badly adjusted spray bars, or other errors in the centrifugal.





The ColourQ 2100 instruments have the high accuracy required to display each measurement second-by-second, not just averages over a whole discharge.


When a charge is discharged from one of the centrifugals you will see the results from the colour measurement plotted second by second on the monitor. This is true real-time measurement. And the accuracy is in top: There is no need to smooth out the result by calculating the average over a lot of measurements. Every second the measurement can stand by itself and be plotted immediately. 

On top of the curve you will find the average colour of this discharge - compensated for the variation in the sugar amount (small amount in the beginning, large amount in the middle, and small amount again at the end).


Besides belt and vibrating conveyors, the ColourQ instrument is also well fit for measuring in screw conveyors. The measurements are easily synchronised with the movement of the flights, so the measurements are taken on the sugar only. Exactly the illuminated area is measured, so you can easily check what is measured.

The black curve on this part of the screen shows the sugar colour produced over the last two hours. The coloured rectangles show the colour of each discharge over the same period. In this example the centrifugal with the blue rectangles is always delivering a better separation than the rest.

A fast look at the screen tells you if any adjustment of a centrifugal is needed.
With the ColourQ 2100 Neltec offers automatic spray-water control for batch centrifugals.

Avoid sugar colour outside specifications
If the sugar colour gets over the limit you set, the ColourQ 2100 will raise an alarm, stop the conveyor, or open a gate to remelt, as you choose.

Detection of brown lumps
In most cases a few brown lumps of massecuite dropping from the centrifuges do not give serious problems. A screw conveyor or a rotary dryer will tear the lumps apart and mix them with the rest of the sugar. The dried remains will be separated out in the sieve.

However, a vibrating conveyor will not disperse the lumps and a fluid-bed dryer may get choked by the lumps and stop working.

To prevent a serious number of drops of massecuite from reaching the dryer, Neltec now offers an additional feature of detection of brown lumps. When the amount gets over a predefined set-point, a signal will stop the conveyor or open a gate to remelt.