Measure every kg of sugar on your conveyor - ColourQ 2100

100% control of sugar colour quality

Dry sugar on a belt conveyor may be measured by the ColourQ at a distance of more than 1 m or even enclosed in a dust free atmosphere. The photo below shows the instrument inside an enclosure, where a fan keeps an overpressure to prevent sugar dust getting in.

In this way you can measure sugar going to or from a silo, sugar mixed from different bins, sugar just before packaging, or sugar at delivery.

If you want or need documentation of the validity of the measurements, it is important to follow the ICUMSA. General guidelines for validating indirect techniques. Click here.

Superior technology and stability of the ColourQ 2100 instruments

For 30 years Neltec has supplied on-line colorimeters to the sugar industry. The instrument is a true sugar colorimeter - it is not based on a video camera. The basic concepts of the instrument have shown to be unrivalled by any other technology. No new measuring principles or models have been required over the years - just improvements for presenting the measurements in a more informative way for easier control of the sugar house process.

The excellence of the Neltec ColourQ 2100 has been demonstrated by two instruments used at the development of the ICUMSA General Guidelines for Validating Indirect Measurement Techniques. When following the guidelines, the two instruments gave equivalent results to the applied ICUMSA method for solution colour. Click here.