Neltec has a track record since 1987 of monitoring colour, online and in real-time. Our customers in 33 countries use our instruments not only to fully comply with their clients' needs, but also using the colour measurements as a tool for process control.

For the sugar industry Neltec has adapted the ColourQ instruments to measure sugar solution colour - without dissolving the crystals. The advanced technology used by Neltec makes this possible. The usual need for frequent recalibrations is eliminated by the special calibration technique applied by Neltec.

For many years ICUMSA has had interest in establishing guidelines for validating indirect measuring techniques. In Subject 7 such guidelines have been developed and tested on two ColourQ 2100 instruments. After the test ICUMSA has approved a set of General Guidelines. The two ColourQ 2100 instruments in the test gave results with the same validity as the three participating laboratories.

Recently other lines of instruments were developed and applied in many new applications like inside batch centrifugals, inside continuous centrifugals, in blending yellow or brown sugars, in switching between green and white run-offs, and in sending high colour product to remelt instead of to the dryer.

Neltec attends numerous sugar conferences around the world, happily sharing Neltec's experience with the staff from sugar factories.